thank you to CJ who reviewed my “My Roo

thank you to CJ who reviewed my “My Room is Clean” notepad on Amazon with 5 stars!

(sorry) state of affairs

So you’re feeling overwhelmed a bit? Your kids are slobs, you’re feeling lazy (it is summer, after all), your house is a mess, you have no idea what to cook for dinner, your laundry is piling up, and you haven’t unloaded your haul from Target two days ago?  Plus you have a nagging list of things to do written down and running on an endless loop in your head.  Sound familiar? Me, too, since that’s my current state of affairs.

So what to do?  My plan:

1.  Finish my cup of coffee.

2.  Start the laundry.

3.  Shut the doors to the bedrooms.

4.  Work on the trunk of the car.

5.  Figure out a plan for dinner (using my handy dandy pad).

6.  Do one (dreaded) item on my to-do list.

6.  Hide from the kids with my book.


Soup to Nuts

soup to nutsHands down! This is the best-sized list pad you’ll need and takes care of your list making needs from… well, soup to nuts.

One of the best inventions ever.


The Kaaachew box. I’ve ordered one for each car, one for my mother, one for my sister, and some for gifts. It keeps the tissue box off the floor of my car. I love it.

Check it out at Kaaachews.

organizing tips from around the (blogging) world

photo-8More nuggets I’ve come across in all the time I’m procrastinating with my laptop and coffee and couch….

  • I love my planner but I often go days without looking at it (but apparently my cat does). If mine looked as pretty as Toni’s does on A Bowl Full of Lemons, I might be more motivated.
  • I’m getting us ready for a Spring Break trip and thinking ahead to the summer trips.  And was inspired by this vacation planning post at
  • I’m eagerly awaiting spring for many reasons, including the fact that I’m dying to clean out our garage.  I found this post on organizing sports equipment at Amber’s Organizing and like it because I can get all the supplies at Target.

Happy Thursday, friends!


how I get started

photo-7You’ve dropped the kids off at school and come home to a house that looks like it should — a home where a bunch of people hung out after dinner, went to bed, and woke up to get ready for school and/or work. And now you are lucky enough to get to deal with the aftermath.

So much to look forward to, right? Hah. If you’re like me, you’re likely to crawl back into bed with a cup of coffee and good book. Or if you feel *slightly* motivated, you might end up with a cup of coffee and your laptop at the kitchen table. But if you actually need to get some things done, it might be hard to find *real* motivation.

When I know I need to get some things in order (like when my husband is coming home from a business trip), I drop the kids off at school, come home and DO NOT SIT DOWN.   Instead, I do the following:

1. Make a cup of coffee.
2. Light my favorite Jo Malone candle.   (Very pricey, I know, but the specialness works for me.)
3. Start a load of laundry. (To me, this is very important because I start to feel productive immediately.)
4. Send off my Roomba. (My Roomba is my all-time favorite housekeeping investment.)
5. Roll up my sleeves and attack the dishes.

Once those things are done — and really, they only take 20-ish minutes — I often feel motivated enough to keep going with the basics.

And then I can spend the afternoon with that second cup of coffee and a good book.


clothes horse


So no, I’m not really a clothes horse but like a lot of you, I love how I feel when my clothes work on/for me.  That said, I also don’t enjoy shopping — except with my mother, sister and daughter and that only happens a couple of times each year — so most of my shopping is done online.

My success rate at online shopping has increased greatly over the last few years primarily to the following online help:

Marlien Rentmeester’s blog, Le Catch, started me on the online stylist thing.  She highlights a piece of clothing in each post and often shares how to “catch” a bargain.

StitchFix is awesome!!!!  I now receive a reasonably priced monthly package of clothes tailored to my preferences, and returns of pieces that don’t work are simple in the enclosed prepaid envelope.

My latest tool is Stylit.  I filled out my profile and a few days later received some great ideas with their online links already put together in outfits.

Kinda fun.

this little beauty

This little beauty embodies form and function. Two of my favorite things! Not only is it colorful and cute and able to be tucked in a drawer or bag, it works. The Open Sesame Password Reminder book performs very well and organizes your signons and passwords. The most challenging part (for me, anyway) is remembering to write them down.

Check it out sesame.

a home office organization idea that works for me

This is one of those ideas that works really well for me (not of all them do, mind you). I knew I needed to get some of the piles of paper off my desk but the papers were important enough to need to stick around. And I HATE filing. So I found some hanging filing shelves like these:

or these:

I added some very fancy labels that worked for me — Bills, School (calendars, online sign on instructions, etc.), Invitations, Pending, Bills, and Coupons that I made on index cards fastened with binder clips.

I hung the filing things on the wall and here you go:


Why this works for me (I think) is that when the bins get stuffed to the max, it drives me nuts and forces me to go through them.  And for me, it’s much easier to file the mail and endless paper stream into these mounted bins than into filing cabinets where I actually have to open a drawer.  Maybe I should call this the lazy person’s guide to filing…



to monogram or not to monogram?


So what is it about monograms? And yes, we all agree it’s preppy and maybe even a bit pretentious or geeky.  But why do people that have their “things” monogrammed portray such a pulled-together image?  Maybe it’s because they’ve thought through the need for a particular item BEFORE they needed it and spent the time to have their initials permanently attached to it.  You know those people are not constantly losing their goods.  Or maybe it’s because their preppy aunts from the East Coast send them monogrammed totes, umbrellas and stationery every year for their birthdays.  I don’t really know but whatever it is, I admire their put-togetherness.

Some things I’ve found that are fun and/or useful monogrammed are:

Charger wrappers.  I know, I know.  You could just write your name — or even a monogram — with a Sharpie but how cute are these?  If you’re like our family of five with multiple devices each, we’re always stealing each other’s chargers and claiming them as our own.

These keychains are functional, fun and very bright.  You won’t be losing these in the netherworld of your handbag!

My kids use these bags/cinchpacks for everything.  Getting them monogrammed would eliminate or decrease some squabbles.

And all good monogrammers have to carry this tote.

Happy Friday!


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